A Tribute to Mr Lam Nam Soon

  • 29 Mar 2017
    YEAR 1 TO 6

  • photographs by Collins Xu Wei

    On 25 March we gathered to remember the late Mr Lam Nam Soon, a teacher, mentor, father away from home, colleague, friend. The late Mr Lam studied at RI from 1972 to 1977 and returned as a teacher in 1984. He taught Maths, mentored Judokas, and took RI's international students under his wing for nearly thirty years until his passing in 2015. 

    As a Mathematics teacher, Mr Lam took his teaching role beyond textbooks and classrooms. He gave life advice to students who needed it, and made time to provide intensive math lessons for those who were weak at the subject. As Judo teacher-in-charge, his tutelage and guidance brought gold medals to RI’s doorstep. His encouragement and dedication included advice on the importance of respect and of exemplary sportsmanship. As guardian to the international students studying at our school, he helped them feel more at home in a foreign land and made sure his door was always open.

    Former students, family members, and colleagues wrote tributes to Mr Lam and shared their memories of his warmth, sacrifices, laughter, passion, and kindness. The Lam Nam Soon Scholarship was also set up to help RI students who need financial aid.

    Thank you, Mr Lam, for touching our lives.