Raffles Institution

Prefectorial Board


    The Raffles Institution Prefectorial Board (RIPB) is a student leadership body which aims to improve school life in Raffles. Passionate individuals who are interested in serving the Rafflesian community are put through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have what it takes to be a prefect. It is only after making it through this process that their journey begins. The RIPB has two main objectives – to uphold and enforce the standards of the school and to preserve the very spirit of Raffles Institution. Through these two main areas of work, the RIPB aims to make the school a better place for all.

    Events and Highlights

    The 92nd Board of 2015-2016 set out with a vision to forge a united Rafflesian community through people-oriented leadership. It aimed to deepen interactions among fellow Rafflesians and widen their roots in the Rafflesian community through robust and extensive outreach efforts. First, the Board formed the Inter-Intra Board Relations department to refine its internal systems and ensured that the morale of its members remained high. Also, the Board introduced a feedback system for the school to give valuable insights and ideas for improvement after key school-wide events. In a concerted effort to reach out to more Rafflesians and create a greater sense of Rafflesian inclusiveness in the Board’s initiatives, the Board introduced various online social media campaigns, like #WEARERAFFLES and #rafflesstruggle4gpa and organised numerous events and TGIF activities at the Gryphon’s Lair.

    Teachers in Charge

    Mr Chong Zhe Bin

    Mr Edward Dass Amaladass

    Dr Iluyomade Raphael Funwa

    Mr Low June Meng

    Mr Timothy Song Zhi Hong

    Mr Wilson Loh Chin Hin