Raffles Institution

Physical Education

    We aim to develop thephysical, mental, ethical, social and emotional wellness of our students through physical activity. Every day, we actively work towards equipping every student with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle long after they leave the school.

    After spending time with us during PE lessons and through the various sports CCAs we manage, our students should have a greater understanding and appreciation of different sports and games and be better equipped to manage the different elements which make up their personal health, physical well being and fitness.


    Year 1

    ⋅ Territorial / Invasion Games - TAG Rugby

    ⋅ Personal Challenge - Track & Field (sprints, starts, relays, hurdles, jumps, throws)

    ⋅ Personal Challenge - Swimming (Learn to swim for non-swimmers; Aquapak lifesaving certification)

    ⋅ Personal Challenge - Educational Gymnastics (rolls, balances, leaps & landing, vaulting, simple floor routine)

    ⋅ Fitness Management (Infused) - Warm-up; Stretching exercises; Resistance exercises; taking pulse rate; walk test; run test


    Year 2

    ⋅ Net Games - Badminton

    ⋅ Territorial / Invasion Games - 7-a-side Rugby

    ⋅ Striking / Fielding Games - Softball / Cricket

    ⋅ Personal Challenge - Swimming (National Survival Swimming Bronze Award, Waterpolo)

    ⋅ Fitness Management (Infused) - FITT principle; Monitoring Exercise Heart Rate; Circuit Training; Outdoor Fitness Stations; weights room usage


    Year 3

    ⋅ Net Games - Volleyball

    ⋅ Territorial / Invasion Games - Hockey / Floorball

    ⋅ Territorial / Invasion Games - Basketball / Handball

    ⋅ Personal Challenge - Swimming (National Survival Swimming Silver Award, Waterpolo)

    ⋅ Fitness Management (Infused) - Fitness Training Principles; Strength Training; Interval Training; Endurance Training


    Year 4

    ⋅ Net Games - Tennis

    ⋅ Territorial / Invasion Games - Soccer

    ⋅ Personal Challenge - Sports Climbing (Bouldering, Spotting, Belaying, Climbing Technique, Top Rope Climbing, Competition Climb)

    ⋅ Group Work - Inventing Games



    Year 5 and 6

    Year 5 Students will have the opportunity to be involved in at least one of the following games – Badminton, Basketball, Floorball, Netball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee.  They may also participate in one of the Special Sports Elective Programme which in previous years have included sport and games such as Archery, Aikido, Capoeira, Dance, Fitness Management, Handball, Padded Weaponry, Lacrosse, Pilates and, Yoga.

    Year 6 Students will have the opportunity to be involved in at least one of the following games – American Football, Handball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Touch/Tag Rugby, Table tennis, Tchoukball, Tennis or Volleyball. 

    Over the two years, students will also complete modules such as – Principles of Training; Weights Room Safety and Use; Nutrition; Body Image & Weight Management; Use of Technology in Exercise –the use of Heart Rate Monitors during Exercise/Sport training.

    As part of the MOE requirements, all healthy students are also required to complete the annual National Physical Fitness Award Test (NAPFA).

    For information about sports safety and injury prevention, visit the Singapore Sports Council's Sports Safety web page.