Raffles Institution

Guitar Ensemble

    RI Guitar Ensemble (RIGE) began in 1990 as a core co-curricular activity in Raffles Institution. Since then, RIGE has developed to become one of the best school ensembles in Singapore.

    RIGE prides itself not only in achieving outstanding results in competitions, but also in bonding its members together through many activities such as orientation programmes and overnight camps. We encourage interaction between members so as to foster close bonds with one another, thus forming a united CCA as a whole. We also encourage our members to be socially responsible and expand their contribution to the community outside of school. RIGE engages its members in a variety of Community projects, such as busking to raise funds for the needy and staging performances for patients at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Through this, we hope to raise awareness amongst our members, and allow them to use their talents to make a difference in the community. RIGE also holds annual concerts, as well as in-school performances.

    Achievements and Highlights

    2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Ensembles)



    RAGE XXII Public Concert

    Teacher Mentors

    Mr Chan Chee Kiong

    Ms Lye Ai Fern

    Ms Saripah Bte Abas