Raffles Institution

English Language and Linguistics


    The English Language & Linguistics Unit is part of the larger KS1 Department. Through English Language & Linguistics, we aim to impart to our students a critical awareness, understanding and knowledge of the various issues of language study in society. Through the various linguistic tools studied (namely morphology, syntax and phonology, just to name a few), students will develop various linguistic skills in text analysis. Besides this, students will also understand and be able to identify the larger social issues in language use and language change in society. In short, ELL helps students to be more linguistically aware and sensitive in their appreciation and use of the English language in various social contexts.


    English Language and Linguistics (ELL) is a new Humanities subject offered from 2009. The subject aims to develop students' understanding, use and appreciation of the English language via an investigation of the nature of the English language and contemporary language issues.

    There are two areas of study -

    Analysing Language Use, which focuses on language as a meaningā€making system and how language varies according to use and user.

    Investigating Language Use in Society, which examines how language is used in its wider social, geographical and temporal contexts, including the impact of recent developments like globalisation, new media and political correctness on language change, culture and identity.

    As one of the 3 pioneer institutions designated as English Language Elective Programme centres, our students are eligible to apply for the English Language Elective Scholarship awarded by MOE. We also offer various enrichment opportunities, such as work attachments, for students to deepen their interest in the English language.