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Students' Council

    At the heart of the Students’ Council are students, individuals like you and me who attend lessons, classes, and CCA sessions. Every individual contributes to Raffles and to his/her peers in their own unique ways, whether through music, sports or academics, and Councillors are like-minded individuals who play a part in creating a warm and spirited schooling environment, through match supports, House events, or simple acts like lending a helping hand or a listening ear. If you are passionate about helping your fellow Rafflesians, whether by creating avenues for all to contribute to the school, or by kindling school spirit, then Council is the CCA for you.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Event Organisation:

    Council Investiture 2015: Luminescence, Founders’ Day 2015, National Day 2015: SG50, Teachers’ Day 2015: Throwback, Graduation Night 2015: Picture Perfect, Open House 2016: Raffles Atlas, Orientation 2016: Fiore, Council Elections 2016, Council Camp 2016

    General Council Initiatives:

    Chinese New Year 2016, JAE Heroes 2016, Council Book Drive 2016, Morning Assembly Music, One Raffles Week

    CCA Department:

    Inter-House Competition 2015 (Sports): Tuhura, Inter-House Competition 2015 (Remix): Apollo, Team Raffles Night, Match Support

    Communications Department:

    Principals’ Dialogue, Before I Graduate, School Discipline Town Hall Session, Council Website Revamp, Chalkboard Maintenance

    Welfare Department:

    Hodge Lodge, Mega Mugging Madness, Friendship Appreciation Week, Snack Attack, Humans of Raffles

    House Directorates:

    IHC Sports, IHC Remix, House Parties, House Assembly and House Fest, House Day ( One Raffles Week), House Hour (Orientation), House Identity Items

    BB: Vitamin BB / Words of Motivation, Valentine’s Day, BBQ Buffet, Customised foolscap

    BW: Pre-A Levels Encouragement, Valentine’s Day, Wish-granting Initiative

    HH: sHHoelaces, Foolscap and Pocket Calendar, GC Pouch, HHappiness Packs for Y6’15, #HHumanoftheday on Instagram

    MR: IHC Sports and Remix Appreciation Cards, Wolfare Packs, Christmas Cards, MR Movie-O-Rama, MR wristbands, shoelaces and frisbees

    MT: Y6 Appreciation Notes, Y5 Notes of Encouragement, MThing

    Teachers in charge

    Michelle Kwok (I/C)

    Lim Ting Liang

    Christopher Navarajan Selvaraj

    Desmond Tan Jun Hao

    Marvin Lai Yong Chieng

    Muhd Faizad

    Michelle Goh

    Alexandria Tang

    Choo Por Huay Emeline

    Stephanie Hua

    Chua Juan Juan

    Michelle Nah


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