Raffles Institution


  • photograph by Raffles Photography & Art Club (Year 1-4)

    Raffles Shooting Club is a renowned core Co-Curriculum Activity in Raffles Institution. The accolades we garner are evidence of our belief in achieving excellence in all our endeavours.

    RI Shooting comprises two divisions: air pistol and air rifle. Both divisions use guns that fire projectiles by means of compressed air at paper targets 10m away from the shooter. The pellets we use are made of lead.

    While shooting is a sport that encompasses both physical and mental resilience, it is also filled with fun challenges, and it can become very personal to us shooters. Shooting trains us to develop our hand-eye-body coordination, and teaches us to balance our emotions and heighten our focus even outside trainings when not shooting. However, Raffles Shooting is not just about the sport - it's also about the people. Through the numerous trainings, activities and competitions that we go through together, we forge strong friendships, and this is what makes Raffles Shooting a joy to be part of.

    Achievements and Highlights

    2017 National Inter-School B Division Shooting Championships

    Air Pistol: Champion


    2017 National Inter-School C Division Shooting Championships

    Air Rifle: 2nd Runner Up; Individual 1st Runner Up

    Air Pistol: 1st Runner Up; Individual Champion

    Teacher mentors

    Mr Feng Bozhe

    Mr Ng Kai Yong

    Miss Tomoe Yoshida

    Mr Noel Chong