Raffles Institution

Judo (Year 5-6)

  • photograph by Raffles Photography & Art Club (Year 1-4)

    taken by Liu Xinyu for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    When waiting patiently in line at a prata stall, have you ever stared in awe as the prata-man behind the glass flips his prata oh-so-skillfully-and-gracefully? Well, the good news is: we have our very own beloved prata-man here at Raffles Institution, who goes by the name Raju. But Raju is no ordinary prata-man. Instead of pratas, he flips something bigger, badder, and buffer – hoomans. And he doesn’t stand behind an ordinary flat grill flipping his dough; Rather, he flips ju-dough-kas in his state of the art dough-jo.

    Now that he is an expert in his craft, Raju is looking for apprentices to learn his skills! He is looking to teach some of the famous techniques that he has mastered over many years of practice.

    Perhaps you’ve been wondering, who is this Raju that you’re talking so highly about? Well, Raju is the proud owner of RAJU Prata House, formally known to most as Raffles Judo, and affectionately known to the inner circle as simply RAJU (because RAffles JUdo).

    Don’t flip out just yet! We welcome people of all sizes; whether big or small, tall or short, RAJU has a place for you.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Singapore Team & Inter Club Judo Championship

    • U20 Boys Team: Bronze
    • U20 Girls Team: Silver

    Singapore Open Judo Championship (Youth Category)

    • Theodore Tong: U66kg Bronze
    • Jiang Zixing: U73kg Gold
    • Jessica Halim: U52kg Gold
    • Caitlyn Ang: U63kg Bronze
    • Soh Rui Min: +70kg Bronze

    National Schools Judo Championship

    A Division Girls: Divisional Champion

    • Ho Cheng En: U48kg Bronze
    • Julina Seet: Extra Light Gold
    • Jessica Halim: U52kg Silver
    • Yeak Jo Wann: U52kg Bronze
    • Chan Kar Mun: U57kg Silver
    • Cylene Tan: U57kg Silver
    • Jolene Song: U63kg Gold
    • Chan Jia Yi: +63kg Gold
    • Soh Rui Min: +63kg Bronze

    A Division Boys: Divisional 2nd

    • Asai Taisei: U60kg Bronze
    • Gabriel Lee: U60kg Bronze
    • Iain Lin: U66kg Silver
    • Tseng Chen Yu: U66kg Bronze
    • Ace Ang: U73kg Gold
    • Jiang Zixing: U73kg Bronze
    • Galen Ong: U73kg Bronze
    • Austin Zhao: U81kg Bronze
    • Eu Chun Kang: +81kg Silver

    State Representative

    Ace Ang:
    • Hong Kong Judo Championship
    • Terengganu International Judo Championship
    • SEA Games

    Iain Lin:
    • Thailand International Judo Championship

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Paul Poh

    Mr Yang Haojin

    Ms Lim Puay Miao