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  • taken by Michael Chow for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    If you’ve ever ventured near the fourth level of Block D, you might have heard some mysterious noises coming from a dubious looking room with a shady red sign above it. You might have wondered about what sort of magic happens behind that big white door. You might have even sneaked a peek through the little glass window. The door is a magical portal, taking you to the wonderful land of Raffles Rock, a land of music, fun, and noise-induced hearing loss.

    Our main events are Rockin and our main event of the year, ROCKOUT, which will be held at the SCAPE Ground Theatre, complete with flashing lights, full-out costumes, glitzy makeup and professionally mixed sound — everything that you’d expect of a full-fledged rock concert! Beyond that are many other smaller gigs like internal school events such as National Day and Teachers’ Day, or even external gigs at cafes or charity concerts.

    Above all, we’re not looking for guitar gods that belong in bands like Journey or The Eagles — it doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing for a month or your whole life! As long as you’re enthusiastic, genuinely love music and are willing to put in effort to improve, trust us when we say Rock is not an experience you’d want to miss out on.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Performed at Open House 2017


    Confessions @ *SCAPE


    Raffles Rockin 2017 -  Space Jam


    Raffles Rockout 2017 - Space Odyssey


    National Day Performance at Singapore Discovery Centre

    Teachers in charge

    Dr Lena Lui

    Ms Ng Pei San