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Raffles Symphonic Band

  • taken by Farand Effendy for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)


    The Raffles Symphonic Band was established in 1982 as Raffles Junior College Symphonic Band.

    If you’ve ever dropped by the Yusof Ishak Block in the far-flung lands of RI’s Year 1-4 campus on weekdays (and some weekends), you might have heard the distant strains of music floating by (or depending on who’s present, a not-so-distant trumpet fanfare). That would be where the members of the Raffles Symphonic Band (RSB) gather to share in what unites us: a love for music.

    On Wednesdays and Fridays, for 4½ and 3 hours respectively, all of us make notes on a page come to life under the direction of our conductor Mr Lim Yean Hwee.

    RSB is more than just a music CCA to us: it’s our second home. Every day, without fail, there’s always a small crowd in and around the band room doing self-practice, studying, or just taking a nap in our cosy corner (yes, it’s amazing). We do feel that’s what makes us special. We’re a community brought together by music, but there’s much more to us than that, and we strive to make everyone feel welcome, and feel at home. It’s definitely a tiring experience, but also a rewarding one: being a part of RSB has helped all of us develop and grow as music-makers, as leaders, and as people.

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    achievements and Highlights

    24 & 26 March 2017 - Exchange and concert with students from the Meiji University Meiji High School and Junior High School Wind Orchestra


    18 May 2017 - Annual concert A Tempo XXVI


    6-11 June 2017 - Exchange trip to Osaka, Japan with students from Osaka Gakugei High School and Kyoto Meitoku High School

    8 December 2017 - Bandemonium VI - Voyage

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Derek Lim 

    Mr Wong Chee Choy 

    Mrs Er Mui Kee