Astronite 2019 - Fiestar

Given the positive response to the introduction of the community outreach component in Astronomy Club in 2018, 'Astronite 2019 - Fiestar' retained its form as a learning carnival, to share basic knowledge of astronomy to persons without any prior background on 7 August 2019. Staff and the entire student body were invited together with their family members. CCA members from different Astronomy Clubs in Singapore were also invited as participants.

Astronite 1

Activities were tiered to cater to a full range of learners from primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary institutions. Students from ITE West Astronomy Club joined us for the first time.

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Additionally, students from other Astronomy Clubs in Singapore were invited to set up learning booths in our carnival so that they too could reach a wider audience with their passion for the subject. This year, we welcomed two new partners: ACS (I) and NUSH.

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The highlight of the event was the stargazing session. The parade square was filled with a sense of wonder as participants could view planets and constellations.  The crowd puller at the stargazing session was the Dobsonian telescopes through which participants could view the surface of the moon.. Putting aside all differences, participants shared this special moment and marvelled at creation.   

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