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Congratulations to our Year 4 students, Loh Yu Chen (4L), Ng Tian Le (4F), Jason Ng Kang Wei (4M), Chi Junxiang (4K) for making the finals of the Student Techblazer awards! The Techblazer Awards is the nation’s highest accolade for tech innovation.
Under the mentorship of Mrs Preeyai and Mrs Heryanti Suhaimy, the four students created an app, Raffles Reads, to replace reading programmes conducted in English language classes that traditionally used printed worksheets. Started as a Research Education project in 2020, our Year 4 students have since steadily improved the app and its features since the project’s beginnings.

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The app will be rolled out for use in various schools in 2022, with more stories and content to be added to the app’s library for primary schools.
The Techblazer finals will be held on 11 November, with the Raffles Reads going up against other projects from university students. Kudos to our boys for making it this far!

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