12 Study Tips from our Teachers


While you’re busy mugging for the A Levels, a few of your teachers have kindly provided study tips to tide you over the examination period. Here are our top 12 tips:

1) Practise Practise Practise. Done practicing? Practise again.

2) Clarify your fundamentals with your teachers or friends if you’re unsure.

3) Prepare a study schedule and make summary notes for each topic with the key formulae, definitions, concepts, graphs, etc.

4) Find time to consolidate your learning, by practicing papers which cover across a few topics.

5) Straddle the practices across different subjects, in a similar schedule to the ‘A’ level exams.

6) To ensure that each attempt at a practice paper is productive:

• Do an analysis of your own mistakes and misconceptions at the end of each paper.

• Summarise them on a sheet of paper and this will be serve as the learning summary from the paper.

• In the next attempt at practice paper, make sure you actively apply the learning points from previous practices and stay clear of your common mistakes.

7) Capitalise on any opportunity to practice your exam papers under timed condition without any reference material or distraction. Treat every practice as the actual ‘A’ level, so that you can learn to sustain your concentration for the actual exam duration.

8) Mock exams will help you acquire the confidence in managing unseen questions so do attend them as much as possible.

9) Give your eyes a rest:

• Take 10 min breaks every hour to relax the mind and eyes.

• Make sure you have enough sleep. Sleep deprivation affects retention memory.

• Eat less of the foods that make you feel sleepy.

10) Regulate sleep cycles in the last week before exams.

11) Put the past behind and just look forward, regret doesn’t get you As

12) During the exam:

• Read the questions carefully.

• Answer the question - make sure you know what it is asking.

• Remember to turn over the page - answer all the required questions.

• Write neatly and clearly - the bigger the handwriting the better.

• Stick it out - keep going right through to the very end!

Good luck!

© The study tips were kindly provided by Mr Alfred Chan, Ms Eva Hor, Mr Gopinathan, Ms Lim Puay Miao, Ms Melissa Lim, Mr Muhammad Iqbal and last but not least, a teacher known as Judgement Day .

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