Year 5 Orientation 2019: Capriccio

The theme for this year's Orientation was Capriccio, a lively and free-spirited musical piece. It signifies the student organisers' hopes that their juniors will never lose their free-spiritedness despite life's many ups and downs.

photo by Timothy Low of Raffles Photographic Society

Over four days, the Year 5 students—from RI Year 1-4, RGS and other secondary schools—participated in a myriad of activities organised and led by 254 Year 6 OGLs (Orientation Group Leaders). The students in the Orientation Dance Committee also taught their juniors the four batch dances (and one 'legacy' dance) that they had been choreographing and rehearsing for the past two months.

photo by Brendon Loo of Raffles Photographic Society

During House Hour, the Year 6 House Directorates welcomed the Year 5s into their respective Houses by organising games and teaching them their Houses' cheers.

After bonding over a series of games and other fun activities, Orientation concluded with a concert on O'Nite, which featured performances by the Year 5s, the Dance Committee and Raffles Rock.

photo by Jynelle Ong of Raffles Photographic Society

photo by Dionne Pok of Raffles Photographic Society

2019Capriccio5photo by Jynelle Ong of Raffles Photographic Society

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