Chinese Cultural Club

chinese cultural club



No difficult Chinese tests, check! Here at Chinese Cultural Club, we experience and experiment with the arts, games, and culture left behind by our ancestors and continue to pass it on. From carving name seals to making traditional Chinese paintings, or playing Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) and Chinese Chess, you name it, we have it.

A CCA that respects passion more than academic achievements, the Chinese Cultural Club is a lifestyle. Come join us and experience it for yourself!

Teacher Mentors

Ms Hoo Liew Wah
Ms Tan Si Xiu Catherine

Achievements & Highlights


Chinese Chess (象棋)

Kongming Lock (孔明锁)

Chinese Knot-tying (中国结)

Creative Calligraphy (创意书法)

Diabolo (扯铃)

Seal-engraving (篆刻)

Author-in-Residence Programme (驻校作家)



Learning of Tea Art at Ming Yi Guan (明医馆)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 7th Chinese Cultural Camp (南大文化营)

翠谷回响 A Date with the Four Seasons Performance by RI Year 5-6 Chinese Language Drama and Cultural Society

Crosstalk Show 'Roaring Good Times 1' by Young People's Performing Arts Ensemble

Chinese Opera Tea House Peking Opera Performance 'Sights and Sounds of Chinese Opera' by the Chinese Theatre Circle