2020 Cricket B Div

2020 Cricket C Div



What is cricket? Is it that annoying insect you hear chirping at your window on windless nights? Or is it 11 boys playing a game of Rounder’s, albeit in more formal wear? To many it is sadly the first – but to the few who know it as the second, Congratulations! Welcome to RI’s oldest sports CCA.

Here at RI cricket, we meet three times a week for gruelling but satisfying sessions that hone our cricketeers' skills in bowling, batting and fielding. We also play matches with other cricket teams from international schools, sports academies and division leagues. Our recent overseas trips to Sri Lanka and Malaysia have been exciting and wonderful opportunities to travel with friends. We hope to instil in our members pride in their sport and a greater understanding of the skills they need to hone in order to become exceptional sportsmen.

Echoing the words of Virat Kohli: 'No cricket team in the world depends on 1or 2 players. The team always plays to win.' We welcome you to join our ranks and become an integral part of Raffles Cricket!

Teacher Mentors

Mr Chong Zhe Bin
Shivppreeyai d/o Janakan
Naqiah Binte Mohamad Sumri

Achievements & Highlights

2019 National Inter-School Cricket Championships
B Division: Silver
C Division: Silver