Cricket is a beautiful "bat and ball" game. And with an estimated 1 billion fans worldwide, it is the second-most popular sport in the world behind soccer. To those unfamiliar, however, cricket can seem like a noisy insect on rainy nights. However, the game of cricket is far more complex and unexpected.

One day, you score a hundred, and in the next game, you go for a duck.

One day, you take five wickets, and another, you concede 100 runs without bagging a scalp. 

One day, you make a stunning catch, and the next, you make a simple drop that decides the fate of a match.

The uncertainty is why so many people love cricket.

Here in RI cricket, we take cricket very seriously. Three times a week we meet for grueling but satisfying sessions that hone each of our cricketer’s skills in bowling, batting and fielding. We take the time to also play matches with other cricket teams in international schools, sports academies and division leagues. Our overseas trips so far to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia have been exciting and wonderful opportunities for travelling with friends and schoolmates. Through this wide range of activities, we hope to instill in our cricketer’s pride in their sport and a greater understanding of the skills they need to develop to become exceptional sportsmen.

Echoing the words of Rahul Dravid who said “You don’t win or lose the games because of the 11 you select. You win or lose with what those 11 do on the field.”

We welcome you to join Raffles Cricket!




Training Schedule

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
(4pm to 6.30pm)
Year 1s end at 6pm for Semester 1

Teacher Mentors

Mr Chong Zhe Bin
Mr David Lim
Ms Naqiah Binte Mohamad Sumri
Ms Shivppreeyai D/O Janakan


Achievements & Highlights

2019 National Inter-School Cricket Championships
B Division: Silver
C Division: Silver