Often referred to as ‘physical chess’, fencing is a discipline which requires a combination of physical and mental strength to excel. In the space of a 14m by 1.5m strip and a maximum time of 9 minutes, the fencer must not only have the stamina and skill to outlast and out manoeuvre the opponent, but also a clear mind to anticipate and form plans to counter the opponent’s movements.

Teacher Mentors

Mr Jason Teo Chu-Tat

Dr Wong Poh Lee

Ms Cindy Tan Hui Cheng

Achievements And Highlights

National Inter-School Fencing Championship 2018

Team: A Division Girls’ Overall Champion

Maxine Wong Jie Xin: Individual Foil (Gold)

Yeo Binn Jewelle: Individual Foil (Bronze)

Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman: Individual Epee (Gold)

Esther Lai Shi Ning: Individual Epee (Bronze)

Chee Rui Yi, Vanessa: Individual Sabre (Bronze)


Team: A Division Boys’ Runners Up

Darren Tan Jun Hao: Individual Foil (Gold)

Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan: Individual Foil (Bronze)


Represented Singapore at international competitions

Esther Lai Shi Ning, Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman, Darren Tan Jun Hao, Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan & Maxine Wong Jie Xin


Singapore Sports Awards

Esther Lai Shi Ning: Sportsgirl Meritorious Award (Individual)

Darren Tan Jun Hao, Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan : Sportsboy Meritorious Award (Event)