Fencing is the physical conditioning of gymnastics with the grace of ballet and the mental agility of chess combined in a sport far more complex and nuanced than you might think from watching The Three Musketeers. There is so much more to fencing than a mere clash of blades. From finding the blind spots in your opponent’s bladework to executing tactics learnt during training, fencing requires both physical prowess and the mental resilience to overcome the challenges on the piste (the flooring used in fencing).



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Jason Teo Chu-Tat

Dr Wong Poh Lee

Ms Cindy Tan

Achievements & Highlights

National Inter-School Fencing Championship 2018

Team: A Division Girls’ Overall Champion

Maxine Wong Jie Xin: Individual Foil (Gold)

Yeo Binn Jewelle: Individual Foil (Bronze)

Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman: Individual Epee (Gold)

Esther Lai Shi Ning: Individual Epee (Bronze)

Chee Rui Yi, Vanessa: Individual Sabre (Bronze)


Team: A Division Boys’ Runners Up

Darren Tan Jun Hao: Individual Foil (Gold)

Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan: Individual Foil (Bronze)


Represented Singapore at international competitions

Esther Lai Shi Ning, Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman, Darren Tan Jun Hao, Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan & Maxine Wong Jie Xin


Singapore Sports Awards

Esther Lai Shi Ning: Sportsgirl Meritorious Award (Individual)

Darren Tan Jun Hao, Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan : Sportsboy Meritorious Award (Event)