Gryphon Recall 2019

27th July 2019 marked Raffles Institution's 196 Founder’s Day. While the official ceremony happened at the Albert Hong Hall near the famed clock tower, an extension of the Founder’s Day celebrations, the Gryphon Recall, took place throughout the Year 5-6 campus where more than 800 students and alumni connected through the common link among them.



Over at the Chinese Orchestra Room, current students and teachers gathered to mingle and watch their seniors rehearse for the annual RACO (Raffles Alumni Chinese Orchestra) concert. ODACIA, the yearly meet up for ODAC (Outdoor Adventure Club), took place at various locations around year 56 before culminating in a luncheon at the Innovation Centre. At the Theatre Studies room, Raffles Players had their inaugural Recall this year with close to 30 current students, alumni, and teachers met over a simple meal.

Water Polo



At the RI Pool, batches of Water polo alumni returned to spar among themselves, spectated by their peers and teachers. Similarly, football boys and girls had their own inter-batch games at the new stadium and year 56 cages respectively. The basketballers spent the entire day at the covered basketball courts for their annual basketball tournament from morning till late afternoon. The ‘youngest’ CCA in the school, Dragon Boat, had their recall at the Sports Hub where every batch of students was represented as the fleet of dragon boats rowed on the peaceful waters.  



Touch Rugby


We further saw action from badminton, judo, tennis, floorball, touch rugby, and Track & Field CCAs where current Dean Mr Michael J met up with his charges from more than 20 years ago when he was a PE teacher and Track & Field coach.

Raffles Archives & Museum also opened up tours for visitors who were keen to find out more about the illustrious history behind the Institution.


It was heart-warming to see alumni return to celebrate Founder’s Day with their first love in school. Teachers may change, facilities may shift, but the connection to the CCA remains. A touch of a racquet, a pluck of an instrument string, or a smile from a current CCA student easily remind the alumni of themselves from years ago when they were similarly wide-eyed and care-free. We hope to see you at Gryphon Recall 2020!

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
 - Dr Seuss


Photographs courtesy of RACO, Jia Junran (20S06H) and Liu Qingsong (20S06H)

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