Our People



(Standing, left to right) Ms Melissa Lim, Mr Edward Ng, Mr Desmond Tan (Seated, left to right) Mr Brian Lagman Ang, Mrs Reavley Munn Ye, Mr Aaron Loh, Ms Ng Mei Sze



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Principal & Deputy Principals

Mr Aaron Loh  Principal
Mrs Reavley Munn Ye  Deputy Principal/Corporate Development
Ms Melissa Lim  Deputy Principal/Organisational Development
Mr Desmond Tan   Deputy Principal/Academic Studies (Year 1-4)
Mr Edward Ng  Deputy Principal/Student Development (Year 1-4)
Mr Brian Lagman Ang  Deputy Principal/Academic Studies (Year 5–6)
Ms Ng Mei Sze  Deputy Principal/Student Development (Year 5–6)

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Year 1-6

Mr Gary Ortega  Dean/CCA & PE
Ms Edlyn Ang  Dean/Career & Higher Education
Ms Imelda Chang  Dean/Engagement & Admissions
Mr S Magendiran  Advisor/Special Projects & Alumni Relations
Ms Pamela Ooi  Director/Human Resource & Administration
Mr James Koh Master Teacher

Year 1-4

Ms Shaun Ng  Dean/Academic Studies
Mr Low June Meng  Dean/Student Development

Year 5-6

Mr Ariff Chan  Dean/Academic Studies
Mr Michael Jeyaseelan  Dean/Student Development

Year 1-6

Mrs Cheryl Yap  Head/Alumni Relations
Mr Alvin Chong  HOD/Boarding
Mr Chan Jia Le  HOD/Educational Technology

Year 1-4
Mr Timothy Song  HOD/Character & Citizenship Education
Mr Chong Zhe Bin  HOD/Discipline & Leadership Development
Mr Clement Cheng  HOD/English Language & Literature
Mr Desmond Lim  HOD/Humanities
Ms Sandy Ng  HOD/Mathematics
Mr Frank Fu  HOD/Mother Tongue Languages
Mrs Jasmine Koh  HOD/Research Education & Applied Learning
Mr Azmy Bin Rizman Ali  HOD/PE & CCA
Ms Chee Mei Ling  HOD/Professional Learning
Mr Tay Zhi Xiong  HOD/Science
Mr Tham Zi Sheng  HOD/Science 
Mr Lionel Long  HOD/Student Well-Being
Mr Kelwyn Ng  HOD/Systems
Ms Sharon Seow  HOD/Talent Development

Year 5-6
Miss Rathiga Veerayan  HOD/Arts 
Ms Koh Khang Ling  HOD/Biology & Physics
Ms Joyce Tan  HOD/Scholarships & Higher Education
Ms Ma Jialin  HOD/Student Well-Being
Mr Alfred Chan  HOD/Chemistry
Mr Lee Chee Keong  HOD/Leadership & Community Education
Mr Christopher Selva Raj  HOD/Character & Citizenship Education
Mr Simon Quek  HOD/Economics
Mr Adrian Tan  HOD/Knowledge Skills
Mr Kwan Chong Sin  HOD/Mathematics
Ms Deborah Koh  HOD/PE & CCA
Ms Lee Lih Sin  HOD/Professional Learning
Ms Eva Hor  HOD/Student Well-Being
Mr Low Soo How  HOD/Systems
Ms Lye Su-Lin  HOD/Talent Development
Ms Tan Pei Yee  HOD/Mother Tongue Languages

Mr Theodore Tan  Year Head 1
Ms Michelle Tan  
Year Head 2
Mr Joshua Teo  
Year Head 3
Ms Siti Melissa Binte Hamid  
Year Head 4

Ms Christina Tan, Mrs Poh Shu-Jia and Mr Calvin Tan  Year Head 5
Mrs Lydia Tan, Ms Evangeline Tan and Mr Gilles Phillippe Damien Marie  
Year Head 6