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Notice is hereby given that the 101st Old Rafflesians' Association Annual General Meeting will take place on:

Date: 28 March 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Raffles Institution, Year 5-6 Campus, LT 5

For more information and to indicate your attendance, please visit:



Dear Golfers & guests

On behalf of the ORA Reunion Golf Subcommittee, we wish to thank you for your participation in our recent ORA Reunion golf event held on Wednesday, 5 October 2022 at the Seletar Country Club.

We are especially grateful to all our sponsors, donors and participants who have collectively helped to make our golf event a meaningful success.

Once again,  thank you and we look forward to your participation next year!

Photos of the golf event can be viewed via the below link :


ORA Reunion Golf Subcommittee


1823 Trees: Rooting for a Greener Singapore

5 VIPs

From left to right: Mr Raymond Chua (RPA Chairman), Mr Dennis Foo (ORA President), Minister Grace Fu, Mr Bey Soo Khiang (BOG Chairman), Mr Frederick Yeo (PRI)

On 20 August 2021, Minister for Sustainability & Environment Grace Fu kickstarted RI's tree planting campaign: “1823 Trees: Rooting for a Greener Singapore”, by planting a Gelam tree in the school.

Four other trees were also planted by Chairman of the RI Board of Governors, Mr Bey Soo Khiang, Principal, Mr Frederick Yeo, Chairman of the Raffles Parents' Association, Mr Raymond Chua, and President of the ORA, Mr Dennis Foo.

ORA Dennis Planting Tree

Mr Dennis Foo participating in the ceremonial tree planting

As a lead up to RI’s Bicentennial celebrations (RI200), RI hopes to plant 1,823 trees (representing the year of our founding) in this campaign and contribute to the Garden City Fund, a registered charity established by the National Parks Board (NParks). These funds will go towards planting trees that will be part of NParks’ OneMillionTrees movement.

Do visit the 1823 Trees campaign site here to donate:
To read more about our campaign, click here:

Mission Statement

  • To promote and develop friendly relationships among former students of Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) and Raffles Junior College through various activities.
  • To promote co-operation among alumni and present students of Raffles Institution and Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) through sporting, social and cultural activities.
  • To support and promote the development of the three schools in their pursuit of excellence in all spheres.



ORA committee, 1929 (Raffles Archives & Museum)

In early November 1893, a circular was sent around to former Rafflesians, seeking support for the formation of a Raffles Club.

The proposal was initially met with much scepticism, especially since the circular failed to disclose the objective of the Club.

However, the idea soon gained momentum, and over 200 former Rafflesians applied for membership, including several well-known former students. The initiative was also strongly supported by the five Singaporean Queen's Scholars.

A provisional Committee meeting was held at RI on 16 December 1893, and Principal R. W. Hullett was elected its first President. The other Committee members were: D. C. Perreau (Hon. Secretary), Song Ong Siang (Hon. Treasurer).

James Altken, Clarke, Tan Tek Soon, H. D. Noronha, S. M. Cohen, Mohamed Sedick and Chia Keng Chin. The Raffles Club was officially inaugurated on 15 June 1894.

Alas, this Club became moribund after 1895 and nothing more was heard of it.


ORA dinner, 1953 (Raffles Archives & Museum)

In 1911, Principal C. M. Phillips began engaging old boys of the school by including them in the Founder's Day activities and thereafter treating them to dinner. Despite his efforts, Phillips was unable to resuscitate the Club and it was not until June 1922, at the centenary celebrations of RI, that another initiative to form an Old Boys Association was mooted. It took more than a year before this proposal bore fruit.

On 23 August 1923, the Old Rafflesians' Association (ORA) was founded, with Song Ong Siang as its first President, and Seah Seng Kang its first Secretary.

ORA Council (2022-2024)


L-R: Jeffrey (VP), Joel, Ravin, Elena, Yoke Keng, Dennis (P), Monica, Melissa, Chuan Yang, Gim Teik

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Came from the class of 1970 and was active in sports. He represented RI in Table-tennis, Volleyball and Swimming. He was also an active member of The Raffles Players and was awarded a highly commended performance and the best supporting actor in the Drama Festivals in 1971 and 1972 respectively. He is known for his career in Singapore’s nightlife which spanned 40 years. An active member of the business community; being a member on many government related boards, councils, committees and panels and was founding president of the Singapore Nightlife Business Association. He was named Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year at the Singapore Tourism Awards in 1999. In 2010, Mr. Foo was conferred the Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism by the Singapore Tourism Board.In 2016, he received the National Council Against Drug Abuse NCADA Special Recognition Award for his significant contributions to the anti-drug cause.’
(Vice President)
<Senior Managing Director, Capitaland (Business Parks) >

Jeffrey was from the RI class of 78/80 (Sec4/PreU2) . During his school days, he was active in the 2102 Scouts Group, track and field team , football and was also a school prefect. He is now working with Capitaland Ltd managing the operations of the Business Parks in Singapore. He has been active with the ORA helping to organize the annual ORA charity golf to raise scholarship and school building funds for both RI and RGS. He continues to stay in touch with his class cohort, and through the contribution of his cohort , they started a Class of 78/80 scholarship fund for needy students of RI in 2016.
(Honorary Treasurer)

From the Class of 1970/72 RI, Gim Teik was very active in the National Police Cadet Corps ((NPCC) while in school. Although he was from the engineering class, he subsequently studied Accountancy and now specialises in corporate governance and board advisory work. Outside of the ORA, he currently serves as a board member in a number of listed companies and charity organisations including the Singapore Science Centre, a statutory board, where he is the Deputy Chairman. 
(Asst Honorary Treasurer)
<Manager, Property Development Firm>

Elena is from the RGS class of 1972 and she has served on the ORA Council for the past 14 years, organizing various events like Networking, Family Day and chairing the Annual ORA Dinner events.In addition, she is also involved with volunteering at the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped and Friends In Charity

(Honorary Secretary)
< Legal Counsel, MNC>

From the Class of 2002 RI, Ravin Periasamy was part of the Hockey team that won several National Championships. He was also actively involved in the Indian Cultural Society that organized and participated in numerous inter-school cultural events.  Ravin has continued to be involved in hockey and is a Council member and former Vice-President of the Singapore Hockey Federation. He currently serves in the committee of the ORA Hockey Sports interest group. He was also the Emcee at the ORA dinner in 2019. Professionally Ravin is a lawyer called to the Singapore Bar in 2012.  He started his career in Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP before moving to a SGX listed company and currently is a Legal Counsel in a MNC listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange. Ravin also sits in the School Advisory Committee of Stamford Primary School, is a grassroots leader and a member of a sub-committee of the Law Society of Singapore.
(Assistant Honorary Secretary)
<Operation Manager, Social Service Organization>
(Council Member)
<Paediatrician, KK Hospital>

Joel was from the RJC Class of 2000 where he was a percussionist in the RJC Symphonic Band.  His passion lies in building bonds within and between communities.  To this end, he helped establish the Raffles Winds in 2001, and connecting this community with our society at large. Raffles Winds has been growing its interactions with old friends, as well as new communities including migrant workers and children with special learning needs.  Through the ORA, he hopes to strengthen bonds between its special interest groups and our community-at-large.
(Council Member)
<Active volunteer>

From the Class of 1979 RGS and Class of 1981 of RI, Yoke Keng has fond memories of her student days and was active in NCC, Athletics, the Basketball school teams, the Air Rifle club and captained Hadley House. She also served in both schools’ Prefectorial boards. After a fulfilling career in sales and marketing with two MNCs, she retired at the age of 44 and found time for personal projects and endeavours. An avid golfer and an active volunteer, she has helped in fundraisers for her club, the SPD and the ORA. She was a part of the RGS Alumnae pro-tem committee in 2014 to help launch the RGSA and has chaired the ORA golf fundraising committee since 2016.
(Council Member)
<Associate Director, MSD International GmbH>

Chuan Yang was from the class of 1983 (RI) and class of 1985 (RJC). While in school, he was actively involved with the 01 Raffles Scout Group and for the last 30 years, he has been a seasoned IT professional with regional and global work experiences across multiple and diverse industries. Since 2012, he has been volunteering his time as a Volunteer Adult Leader / Assistant Group Scout Leader with the 01 Scouts in RI. He is also the Rover Scout Leader of the Raffles Rover Scout Crew, an interest group under the ORA.
(Council Member)
(Council Member)
<Deputy Director, Ministry of Defence
Assistant Creative Director, So Drama! Entertainment>

Melissa was from the RGS class of 1998 and RJC class of 2000. In her school days, she was a Peer Support Leader, member of the Cybermatrix club, and played the clarinet in the RGS and RJC Symphonic Band. Melissa believes in building relationships, connecting people, and supporting the disadvantaged. With this in mind, she helped establish the Raffles Winds to bring people together through music. She also helped to enhance the ORA's outreach through Interest Groups, cohort gatherings, and social media.

Roll of Honour

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  • 2011    Mr Lee Kuan Yew
  • 2013    Mr Goh Chok Tong
  • 2016    Professor Tommy Koh
  • 2018    Professor Lim Pin
  • 2015   Master Yeo Jiong Han 
  • 2015   Miss Annabelle Tan Kai Lin 
  • 2015   Master Daryl Goh Shao Yang 
  • 2015  Miss Clara-Ann Cheng Ling  


  • 2016  Master Seah Fengyu
  • 2016   Miss Wang Kaiying
  • 2016   Master Glen Lim Wei An
  • 2016   Miss Li Anqi


  • 2017   Master Ma Pei Yao Simon
  • 2017   Master Sng Chong Hao Ernest
  • 2017   Miss Tan Hui Xian Cheryl
  • 2017   Miss Loi Si Xian


  • 2018   Master Foong Chih Hao, Jared
  • 2018   Ms Charmaine Chia Kai Shan
  • 2018   Master Lo Yu Shaun
  • 2018   Miss Wong Chia Ying  
  • 2019   Master Lin Zhenyi 
  • 2019   Miss Yi Sijun Cathy 
  • 2019   Master Tan Jun Xiang 
  • 2019   Miss Cai Sirui  


  • 2020   Master Chen Guangyua 
  • 2020   Miss Helen Claudia Maria Yu-Hwei Trenner 
  • 2020   Master Leong Eu-Shaun  

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