Year 1-4

Core Subjects

Talent Development

Anchored by our core curriculum that embraces holistic development, each student can chart his own learning journey through the varied opportunities we provide our diverse range of students. The goal of our Talent Development Programme is to enable each student to discover and pursue his passion and realise his potential.




Year 1

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Year 4






Galileo Programme


Euler Programme


Computer Elective Programme


Raffles Academy


Bicultural (China) Programme


Regional Studies Programme

Malay Special Programme

EMAS Programme

GAP Semester


Character & Leadership

Raffles Boarding Programme


Leadership Programme

Arts & Aesthetics

RI Art Elective Programme

Music Elective Programme

Liveable Cities Challenge

The RI Liveable Cities Challenge is a community project initiative that aims to advocate sustainability among primary school students through a multi-disciplinary and interactive experience, and inspire the young participants to be change makers in their own communities. It also serves as a synergetic platform that enables different student groups in the school to apply their knowledge and skills for a good cause.

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