"ChatGPT & Beyond: Future of Learning in the Age of AI"

"Insightful, stimulating and thought provoking - for us as educators - we ask ourselves where do we go next?"

These were the words of one audience member at our event "ChatGPT & Beyond: Future of Learning in the Age of AI". The event, jointly organised by AI Singapore and Raffles Institution, equipped our participants with basic artificial intelligence (AI) literacy, and explored the intersection between AI and education.

In the first segment, Mr Ng Guoren, a Courseware Engineer from AI Singapore introduced the topic of AI and machine learning to the audience, discussed about the fundamentals of AI ethics and shared the various ways AI is used around us.

The second segment featured a panel discussion with multiple experts – A/P Chee Wei Tan (NTU), Mr Vishal Singhvi (Microsoft), Dr Kenny Chua (AI Singapore), A/P Chen Wenli (NIE) and Mr Tan Jing Long (TJC). They explored how AI should and should not be used in the classroom, and how AI can be used as a tool to sharpen higher order thinking skills. The event was moderated by Mr Chan Kuang Wen from Raffles Institution.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-14 at 18.03.54There was a panel discussion with experts on the role of AI in education. 

One notable point raised by the panellists during the discussion was “Previously when calculators were introduced it generated a lot of dialogue - now is a new wave of technology - and we are having a similar dialogue”. It highlighted the importance of how the education fraternity must embrace the new technology, and along the way figure out how to best equip our students with the skills to use these new tools to augment the way they work. But beyond equipping our students with skills to work with AI, the panel also emphasised the significance of building soft skills such as collaboration and critical thinking.

The event concluded with a call to action to embrace AI, experiment with it, understand its limitations, and in the process help students exercise their critical thinking skills. We hope participants found the event insightful and are excited to try out ChatGPT and other AI tools in the classroom. We are thrilled to see what the education fraternity can do to bring AI into the classroom!