Countdown to RI's Open House 2021


Register for live webinars and tours and find more information about our online open house on 12 November, 2pm. Here’s a creative challenge while you wait for our Open House website to launch!

1. Click  HERE to download a PDF with the image of the silhouette above.
2. Use your creativity to fill out the activities/students in the silhouette. 
3. Scan your drawing and email the scan to [email protected]  

State your: 
a. Name 
b. School
c. Level (Primary _)
d. Mailing Address (for us to send you the souvenir!)

4. All the best entries will get a special RI souvenir!
5. All entries must be submitted by Friday, 12 Nov by 12noon.
6. This creative competition is open to all students studying in a primary school in Singapore!

All the best!

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