Custodian Appreciation Concert 2023

On Saturday 28th Jan, our Y16 custodians were invited to LT2 for an inaugural Appreciation Concert. They were treated to both pre-recorded and live performances, ranging from modern pop to traditional Chinese and Tamil songs.  

A live performance at the Custodian Appreciation Concert.

The student organisers also sought to make the concert more meaningful by recruiting students to volunteer as ushers and befrienders. This was a unique opportunity for the students to interact with and express gratitude for the custodians. Apart from performances, they organised a games segment where students talked and played Bingo with our custodians. Our custodians were also gifted with personalised handwritten cards, as well as a metal flask. Each metal flask was decorated with a sticker that indicated the job scope of that custodian, with many different designs to differentiate the flasks. Lunch was also catered for, with halal food and drinks provided. Many custodians later expressed that they thoroughly enjoyed the student performances, with many using their mobile phones to record the concert. They also expressed joy in being able to sit down and talk with students, a chance they do not often get.


RI students interacting with custodians at the event.

The student group is committed to looking at other ways to support the custodians in the school by engaging and interviewing them to understand their concerns. With many of the custodians this year new to our school, one aim of the concert was to “induct” our custodians into a welcoming and inclusive Raffles culture. Conducting interviews with our custodians will help to further solidify and strengthen students relationship with them, and give students a greater insight into how their initiatives should move forward in the coming year.

The Project Biscuit team.