Economics Week

Our students had a fun and meaningful time exploring the world of Economics through Economics Week, which was held from 27 February to 3 March. Through this event, students learned about the relevance of Economics in real world settings from our in-house Economics experts and industry specialists.

Organised by the Economics Department and Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society, Economics Week comprised of fun activities such as game booths, enriching workshops and informative talks. What’s more, the Year 5-6 canteen atrium housed more than 18 exhibits on various Economics concepts!

To cater to the needs of both our Year 5s and Year 6s, there were complementary workshops, advanced seminars on various topics, as well as internship and scholarship talks. Additionally, the activities were designed to shift classroom learning into more interactive engagement, where students were encouraged to conduct workshops and take on the role of an Economics expert to apply their acquired knowledge into practice.

There were also talks by distinguished guest speakers from the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore, where they shared on the impact of climate change on the economy and the altering economic landscape for our SMEs. Our in-house speakers from the Economics Department and Knowledge & Skills also curated workshops for our students in Behavioural Economics, as well as the impact of the pandemic on our standard of living and economic history.  There was also an external activity where our students had the opportunity to go on a learning journey to the Government Investment Corporation.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-02 at 7.55.55 PM (1)
Our students participated in sharing sessions during Economics Week.

Overall, Economics Week has helped our students to identify areas of Economics that interest them based on their unique strengths, broadened their knowledge in the subject, and even allowed them to explore career prospects related to the field!

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Our students had an enjoyable time learning and gaining new insights at Economics Week.