Isaiah Christopher Lee and Mr Gerald Choo - NTU Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award

RI alumnus Isaiah Christopher Lee received the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award (KBHSA) for achieving all-round success at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU). He is grateful to his former RI teacher, Mr Gerald Choo, for continuing to support his academic and professional endeavours.

Isaiah and Mr Choo share with us their most impactful experiences together, what success means to them, and their advice to current RI students.

Isaiah and Mr Choo - NTU KBHSA Feature
RI alumnus Isaiah Christopher Lee and his former RI teacher, Mr Gerald Choo, at the NTU Convocation Ceremony on 19 July. 

What is one experience you had with each other that made an impact on you? 

Isaiah: When I was a student at RI, Mr Choo was the teacher-in-charge of Raffles Players. I remember how he stayed back till late to help us build the massive set for our Annual Production back in 2016, and when he sat with us to brainstorm innovative artistic directions for our various productions. Today, we still keep in touch and he has always been supportive of my academic and professional endeavours.

Mr Choo: I have always been very inspired by Isaiah’s dedication to the things he is passionate about. When I first joined Raffles Players in 2015, I recall watching him at rehearsals of a play, and how he gave his 100% at every rehearsal. continues

What is your definition of success, and how do you think current RI students can achieve it?

Isaiah: To me, success is embracing the diverse possibilities that life has to offer and being brave enough to make your dreams a reality. It is the process in which we become better, wiser and a more mature version of who we were yesterday. To stay fearlessly true to oneself, to always be open to change, to always be adapting as we move forward – and most importantly, to strike a balance between practicality and dreaming big.

Mr Choo: I think success is defined differently for everyone. But to achieve success, it is essential to gain clarity on what is important to you. In fact, dig deep and articulate what truly matters to you – it doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. 

What is one word of advice that you would give current students studying in RI? 

Isaiah: I would advise students to always maintain balance and harmony: manage your expectations, dream big and work towards making your ambitions a reality. Forge a path which best suits your abilities and interests. And next, learn to take pleasure in life and revel in your process of becoming – celebrate your successes and reflect on your struggles with the people who matter to you.

Mr Choo: Everyone has their unique strengths – identify yours and continue to develop them. Life is not a journey of comparison with others – we are better in some aspects, and not so good in some. That’s part and parcel of life.

We thank Isaiah and Mr Choo for their encouragement to pursue what truly matters to us, and to keep working hard with determination to achieve our goals!