Kek Lin Hui Lynette and Mr Jeremy Ng - NTU Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award

RI alumnus Kek Lin Hui Lynette received the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award (KBHSA) for achieving all-round success at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU). She is grateful to her former RI teacher, Mr Jeremy Ng, for an encounter that shaped her growth mindset and inspired her to study more diligently.

Lin Hui and Mr Ng - NTU KBHSA Feature
RI Alumnus Kek Lin Hui Lynette and her former RI teacher, Mr Jeremy Ng, at the NTU Convocation Ceremony on 19 July.

Lin Hui and Mr Ng share with us their most impactful experiences together, what success means to them, and their advice to current RI students.

What is one experience you had with each other that made an impact on you? 

Lin Hui: I vividly remember Mr Ng and I reviewing my poor Chemistry results to decide on the next steps, i.e. whether I should drop to H1. Mr Ng discussed with me what path I was going to pursue in future and gave me great academic advice.

Ultimately, I decided not to drop H2 chemistry, but this encounter served as a powerful catalyst. It ignited my determination to study more diligently. Eventually I managed to secure good grades for A Levels Chemistry, and this experience has also shaped my growth mindset.

Mr Ng: I was impressed by Lin Hui’s persistence, humility and kindness. With each challenge, Lin Hui remained grounded and focused – she knew what she wanted and pursued it without giving excuses. She was always happy for others and made the right decisions.

What is your definition of success, and how do you think current RI students can achieve it?

Lin Hui: To me, success is loving what you do. When you enjoy what you do, you wake up every day looking forward to what lies ahead. Every challenge becomes an opportunity to improve. So I would advise RI students to try out new things and pick a field that excites you!

Mr Ng: No matter what your goals are, I believe that success will find you if you refuse to give up. If you want to succeed, you cannot be afraid of discomfort – keep pressing on with grit and determination to achieve your aspirations. With persistence and hard work, obstacles can turn into stepping stones and nothing can stop you from succeeding.

What is one word of advice that you would give current students studying in RI? 

Lin Hui: I would like to share three Gs: Genuine connections, Growth and Grades. Firstly, build strong bonds with your classmates and CCA friends, as these are the people that will have your back when the going gets tough. Secondly, think of ways to enhance your growth. Try something new – your future self will thank you. And thirdly: grades are important, so make sure you put in effort in your academics. Don’t skip lectures!

Mr Ng: I advise students to have a healthy relationship with feedback. How you respond to feedback, such as poor grades, a scolding or losing a match, will determine your eventual success or failure. Do not let the emotions get in the way of learning and growing.

We thank Lin Hui and Mr Ng for their insightful sharing on success, as well as for inspiring us to keep pursuing our goals and never give up!