Lianhe Zaobao Feature: "Our StoRIes" Publication

By Poh Shang Yi Joshua (24S07B)

Recently, Lianhe Zaobao conducted an interview with a group of our Year 4 to 6 students on the publication of “Our StoRIes”, a special publication by the Year 1-4 Mother Tongue Languages department (Chinese Language unit) to mark the Bicentennial of Raffles Institution (RI) this year. 

Under the guidance of Mr Frank Fu, HOD Y1-4 Mother Tongue Languages and the Chinese Language unit, more than 60 students introduced school history and culture, pioneering alumni, school architecture and courses and activities in a fun and interactive manner. The book is a culmination of two years of work and also features illustrations drawn by students, as well as QR codes in each story leading to student-created videos, photos and audiobooks for an immersive experience.

Going forward, this book will be used for newly inducted Year 1 students, with an aim for them to appreciate the school’s rich and diverse history while learning Mandarin in an engaging fashion.

Isaiah Hui (23A01B), representing the student writers in the interview, expressed that the number of students willing to read books in Mandarin is slowly dwindling, and it was a meaningful and unique experience being able to introduce the school to freshly minted Year 1 students in such an accessible way.

In conjunction with the Singapore World Book Day on 6th May 2023, the school will hold the official release of “Our StoRIes” at the POD, on the 16th floor of the National Library Building.

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