Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) bears immense significance in enhancing the lives and experiences of our students, as it serves as a catalyst for open dialogue about mental health. This year's theme, "Be Real, For Real," seeks to instill a profound sense of encouragement and inspiration among students, urging them to wholeheartedly embrace their authentic selves and cultivate genuine individuality within the school community. 

It is our hope that this eventful week paves the way to more open and meaningful conversations on mental health.

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Our students participated in Mental Health Awareness Week, where they were inspired to have open conversations on mental health. 

"The preparation for Mental Health Awareness Week was replete with challenges and triumphs, yet the overall experience proved nothing short of spectacular, with a myriad of cherished memories forged throughout the journey. Collaboratively, our departments united in orchestrating the event activities, culminating in an impactful celebration that hopefully illuminates complexities surrounding mental health."
Amanda Li (24S03P)

"To us, MHAW is the physical embodiment of the months of hard work that all 45 of our Peer Helpers have put in to make these 7 days a memorable and meaningful week, one that leaves it’s mark. With our departments working tirelessly to curate a multifaceted and impactful experience. As a committee, MHAW for us is more than just a school event, it’s an opportunity for us to shed an eye-opening light on mental health conditions which are usually kept in the dark."
Ki'en Lim (24S06J)