Mural Project at AMKFSC 414 Community Hub

From February to May, our Art Club took up a project to turn an ordinary wall at Ang Mo Kio’s 414 community hub into a whirl of colour! 


Art club members and residents at 414 in front of the mural

Our students painted the wall with designs that represented the neighbourhood’s culture and values, as well as what the residents and members of 414 community hub felt best represented the community. 

On the wall was Uncle Jimmy, a resident gardener, who is portrayed with his signature ponytail in one of the neighbourhood’s community gardens. 

There was also the walkway under the MRT track, which residents consider to be a prominent bumping space in Ang Mo Kio.

Our students also incorporated other icons of the estate, such as the bird-singing park, the hawker centre and merlion statues. 


Art club members in front of the finished mural. Other members not in the photo: Ainsley and Phoebe

To make the artwork more meaningful and empowering for residents, our students invited them to join them in painting the mural. As a kind gesture, the residents offered our students breakfast toasts and mosquito coils. 


Painting the wall with residents

On the final day, our students officially unveiled the mural to the community, explaining their inspirations behind the design and the painting process.

Afterwards, they joined the residents for lunch as part of Food We Share, an initiative where residents gathered to cook and eat together three times a week. 

Having lunch at 414 after the mural unveil

Through the project, our Art Club had a truly enriching experience working with residents. It was also a great opportunity for them to have a glimpse into their lives as one community!