Raffles Science Symposium 2020

Raffles Science Symposium 2020 was successfully organised on Wednesday 29 January 2020. This edition of RSS was once again a collaboration and joint event between RSI, EWBIS, and RGC, featuring projects and talks in the natural sciences, sports science, and mental health science.

From the natural sciences, 90 projects from 180 students from RI and RGS years 3 to 6, and from some 13 other schools with partnering students were presented for judging. 74 Y5 students in JIP also viewed the presentations and attended the keynote lecture by Dr Toh Tai Chong from the College of Alice and Peter Tan, as well as talks given by their seniors.

This year's keynote lecture by Dr Toh focused on the increasing complexity of real world environmental issues that would require a new generation of problem solvers trained in a multidisciplinary approach. Scientists and engineers would need to consider a calibrated solution that employs social sciences and humanities training; and social workers, politicians and NGOs would need to equip themselves with engineering skills. It is only through such interdisciplinary thinking, can we hope to take bolder and more decisive steps towards climate action. 

The A-cuts at Raffles Science Symposium 2020. Photo: Koh Jia Hao (20S06M)

Students with their presentation boards. Photo: Fallon Thng (20S03B)

Keynote lecture by Dr Toh Tai Chong from the College of Alice and Peter Tan. Photo: Chloe Guai (20A01D)

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