RI Bicentennial Lecture

We had the privilege of hosting Minister Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education at this year’s special edition of our annual RI Lecture on National Issues where he highlighted three crucial and defining elements of Singapore schools: the ability to share best practices, the ability to innovate and pioneer new things, and the importance of being anchored in a strong spirit of service leadership. 

We were also glad to welcome about 330 students and their accompanying teachers from 68 secondary schools at the lecture.  

52901221937_44919076c9_oMinister Chan Chun Sing was the Guest-of-Honour at the RI Bicentennial Lecture. 

Minister Chan highlighted three crucial and defining elements of Singapore schools. 

20230516151839_img_0176_52902579790_o330 students and their accompanying teachers from 68 secondary schools attended the lecture.  

The students also shared their views on the RI Bicentennial Lecture:

“The RI Bicentennial Lecture has allowed me to explore different perspectives on pertinent issues that Singapore faces today. Mr Chan’s speech has allowed me to re-evaluate the efforts I have taken to ensure the sustainability of Singapore, inspiring me to go forth and work harder!”
Durva Gautam Kamdar (Year 5), School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA)

“The topics covered in the RI Bicentennial Lecture gave me a highly insightful perspective to current issues in Singapore. Learning about Singapore’s furthered progression in both the economic and sustainability lenses was particularly intriguing to me. All in all, this experience has left me incredibly excited to apply these learnings in my leadership journey, and my day-to-day life.”
Genato Sofia Gabrielle Gonzales (Year 5), School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA)

“The RI Bicentennial Lecture really helped us as students to understand the current issues we are facing, coming from the government’s perspective. It also allowed me to reflect on my role as a student and how I can contribute to society in future. I truly enjoyed the experience.”
Djie Atria (Secondary 3), Nan Chiau High School

“Mr Chan’s thought-provoking speech helped me understand the purpose and visions of education in today’s ever-changing society, as well as inspired me to advocate for a more equal education system in Singapore, through extending the unique opportunities and programmes that we enjoy in RI to all schools in Singapore.”
Clement Yap (4F)

Minister Chan unveiled a gold-plated orchid, the Brassocatanthe Hope of a Better Age, after the lecture.

After the lecture Mr Chan unveiled a gold-plated orchid, the Brassocatanthe Hope of a Better Age. Plated in commemoration of RI’s Bicentennial, this unique orchid was hybridised and cultivated by alumni, students and staff of RI.