The Orator’s Trophy

The Orator’s Trophy is an annual National Oratorical Competition for Secondary Schools that is organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College – the West Zone Centre of Excellence for Language Arts. This year’s competition took on a hybrid format, where participants had to submit videos of their speeches in the preliminary round based on given topics. Five finalists per league were then selected for the in-person round at ACJC on 11 March 2023, where contestants had to do an impromptu speech in front of a live audience.

The finals round was a challenging one for all participants, who were given the speech topic and only five minutes to prepare for it, before delivering their speech without the help of notes or cue cards.  Speeches were also delivered in a large lecture theatre to a crowd comprising not just other contestants, but also teachers, parents, and ACJC students.  Additionally, students faced stiff competition from excellent speakers from many other schools.  

For this competition, Chan Shun Hang Isaac (4F) was RI’s Senior League representative, while Krish Bhatia (2H) was RI’s Junior League representative. Isaac came in 3rd place for the finals while Krish was a finalist. Throughout the competition, our students clearly displayed courage, confidence, and poise. They also demonstrated creative thinking and critical thinking skills through their speeches. 

Our students, Chan Shun Hang Isaac (4F) and Krish Bhatia (2H), participated in The Orator's Trophy. 

The achievements of our students would also not have been possible without the mentorship and guidance of our English Language teachers. Before the competition, the EL teachers conducted two rounds of internal auditions, comprising of a video submission on a given topic, as well as a face-to-face impromptu speech.  The teachers also worked closely with Isaac and Krish before the competition, getting them to do dry runs of impromptu speeches which were recorded, analysed, and assessed with feedback given, so as to help prepare the two students for the event.

We congratulate Isaac and Krish for their stellar achievements at the National Oratorical Competition! We also thank our English Language teachers for their unwavering support to the students and for helping them to prepare well for the event!