Year 5 Open House 2022 - Raffles Voyage


Wondering about what JC culture is like, looking for professional advice on how to survive your first year, or just interested in hearing stories from seniors? Look no further, because Open House 2022: Raffles Voyage has (almost) all the answers to your questions! 

Open House 2022 will be happening VIRTUALLY from 10th Jan to 14th Jan 2022, culminating in a series of webinar, talk show and tours on 14th Jan.  Click here to register for the Webinars & live tours.  Note that registration will close on 13 Jan at 9am.

Visit our official Open House website ( to find out more life in Year 56. Don’t forget to give our school Instagram @teamraffles a follow, so that you’re kept up to date! 

We look forward to welcoming you to your journey to the stars and beyond!


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