Hullett Memorial Library

The Hullett Memorial Library (HML) is named after the longest standing principal – EW Hullett. Hullett’s name was chosen as he was the first principal of the school after its conversion to a secondary school. In 1923, when the library was set up to mark the centenary of the school by old boys at their first annual reunion dinner, they decided to choose the name Hullett to commemorate his contributions to the school.

Today, the HML is a vast storehouse of knowledge and information with around 58,000 books and audio-visual items. When it first opened, it had only a mere 1,400 books. The resources in the library range from fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, newspapers, to magazines and comics.


Shaw Foundation Library

The Shaw Foundation Library (SFL) is situated at Level 4 of Block H, at the Year 5-6 campus. The library was donated by the Shaw Foundation Pte and was officially opened on 19 July 2006. It has a contemporary architectural design and contains a wide variety of library resources spread across 3 levels. Besides providing resources, SFL is also furnished with 5 discussion rooms known as Think Tank rooms for staff and students to hold group discussions.



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