Leadership Development




Students are given a diverse range of opportunities to develop the skills for leading teams, handling diverse perspectives and contributing their strengths. These range from class to CCA to House leadership, as well as school leadership in the form of the Prefectorial Board. Students are also encouraged to step up and spearhead initiatives that promote the well-being of their peers as well as contribute to the vibrancy of campus life. Leadership training is provided for all students and elected student leaders, such as CCA leaders and the following:


Prefectorial Board (Year 2-4)
The Raffles Institution Prefectorial Board (RIPB) serves as role models of character for the student body. It is committed to inspire and rally the school and to forge a united Rafflesian community.

Year 2 and 3 students are challenged to step forward and are elected by their peers after a rigourous process of selection and campaigning.  Led by the Head Prefect and the Deputy Head Prefect, the RIPB seeks to reflect its core mission of all prefects in the Board in upholding standards of the school, strengthening the Rafflesian Spirit, and in building connections in school through outreach efforts. 

Class Executive Committees (CEC) and CEC Council (Year 1-4)

Three Class Executive Committee (CEC) members are selected to serve as leaders of each class. The CEC is committed to maintaining and upholding class discipline and spirit. They are responsible for developing a strong and caring culture at the class level and are trained in peer helping skills.

Selected CEC members of the same year level form the Level Committees, which champion activities and events on a batch level.  All of the CEC from the various levels are led by a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and two to three executive committee members who set the overall direction and ensure that all the CEC work together as one inclusive community for the well-being of all students in the school.

Peer Support Leaders (Year 4)
Peer Support Leaders in RI are the “big brothers” to each batch of incoming Year 1 students. They are selected and trained to organise the Year 1 Orientation programme, including the Orientation camp and the Junior Rafflesian Investiture Ceremony. They are also trained in facilitation and mentoring skills so that they can journey with their Year 1 charges through the initial stage of transitioning to secondary school life.