Liveable Cities Challenge


The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference was concluded on 12 Nov 2021. Nations, organisations and individuals are increasingly aware of the threat that climate change poses to the whole world, and the need for urgent action. Singapore is no exception. Raffles Institution is at the forefront of our nation’s sustainability efforts, and has been on a mission to spread the message to the larger community.

The RI Liveable Cities Challenge, inaugurated in 2019, is a student-driven community project that aims to advocate sustainability among primary school students, through a multi-disciplinary and interactive hands-on experience. It hopes to inspire the young participants to be change-makers in their own communities.

The challenge also serves as a synergetic platform that pulls together the sustainability-related research projects, creative products and artworks that students produce in the course of their education at RI. It channels the learning, research, creativity and passion of Rafflesians to meet authentic and pressing real-world concerns.


RI Liveable Cities Challenge (RILCC) 2023 was held during our Open House in April. Primary schoolers who participated at the RILCC booth learnt about sustainability issues facing Singapore and gave their inputs on these matters which formed an integral part of the research process.




2023 LCC Posters

RILCC 2023
Left Poster: Primary School Outreach - Community Engagement at RI Open House
Right Poster: Research Findings and Presentation at RE Congress 2023
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RILCC 2022

RILCC 2019-2021



Click on Gallery to view some of our own students’ works that were used in the Liveable Cities Challenge.