Raffles Academy (Year 3-4)


At the Raffles Academy, we conduct special pull-out classes offering an enriched and accelerated curriculum for students who demonstrate particular talent and passion for a specific subject. Students who enjoy studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, History and Literature may apply for Raffles Academy at Year 3–4.

The content and skills imparted in Raffles Academy classes are more advanced and conceptually challenging. Students may also pursue special projects and mentorship programmes with leading tertiary institutions, research institutes and corporations, and take part in international attachment opportunities. Specialised training, interaction with experts in related fields and intense intellectual sparring with peers are significant features that students can expect in these programmes.

Many students from the Raffles Academy also represent the school at national and international academic competitions. These include the Olympiads in Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics and Mathematics, the Young Physicists Tournament, and conferences such as the Model United Nations.

For the Love of Lab and Learning!
Thoughtfully curated in-house lessons and external workshops

RA1 Galileo Cradle Workshop Modern Microscope


Enriched Learning Experiences through Place-based and Interdisciplinary Education 
Conversations about Conservation in History, Geography and Biology 

RA Hist Conservation Workshop at NUS Museum RA Biology and Geography IDFT at St John's Island - Coastal Studies and Ecology

Celebrating Effort and Success
Students have the opportunity to train for and participate in local and international Olympiads.

Math 6 Math Training in Taiwan Physics SYPT 2018 Champions (no year)