What Our Subject is About

It is our vision that every Rafflesian will possess the knowledge and skills to understand the underpinnings of current computer technology and be ready for emerging technologies. We aim to develop Rafflesians who are able to leverage computational thinking and problem-solving techniques to make a positive impact on the world.

You may wish to download the syllabus document here.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

  • Develop an awareness of technological developments, and an understanding of technology’s role and impact on changing societies;
  • Learn and apply core computational thinking concepts (such as abstraction, decomposition, pattern matching) and use them to organise information, and as tools to design a solution to an identified scenario;
  • Gain the skills and confidence to embrace and use technologies now and in the future, at home, at work, and in the wider community.


Who We Are

Amongst our dedicated team of Mathematics teachers with wealth of experience, we have teachers with niche areas:

Mr Thomas Teo and Mr Lu-Shang-Yi – Gurus of Mathematical Olympiad. They had helped coach batches of students representing Singapore at the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad.

We have teachers who dedicated time to learn and write programs and even created apps to improve work processes, and their work were recognized by Ministry of Education.

Mr Chan Jia Le – outstanding innovator award winner for 2018, Innergy award winner (2018 – Silver, 2020 – commendation)

Ms Mok Hoi Nam – Innergy award winner (2018 – Silver)

Ms Lim San San – Innergy award winner (2018 – Silver)

What Our Students Say

"I like how the tutors are able to explain complicated ideas into simpler ones that I could understand. As math has always been my weaker subjects, how the tutors teach has a large impact on my learning. overall the experience this year had been enjoyable, thank you tutors."