Malay Language Elective Programme

What Our Subject is About

MLEP at RI aims to nurture promising students to attain a high level of language proficiency in Malay and enhance their understanding of the Malay literature and culture; and to develop leaders who are effectively bilingual to better serve the needs of our nation.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities


In addition to the activities organised by MOE to enhance students’ learning and cultivate a deeper interest in Malay language and culture, MLEP at RI focuses on leadership and our enrichment programme is designed to develop our students to be future leaders who are knowledgeable and contribute actively to the community as encapsulated in the vision of Arif Budiman. Our activities include seminars, forums, intellectual discourse as well as student-led initiatives such as commentary on current affairs and issues on Malay community, politics and socio-economy. Dialogue sessions with leaders from various sectors provide the opportunity for our MLEP students to engage the speakers and share their thoughts.

These enrichment activities are in line with our MLEP tagline; Ilmu Pemecah Ruyung, Cita Murni Mengangkasa, Jati Diri Membumi (Empowering Knowledge, Boundless Aspirations, Staying Rooted). Through the MLEP, we envisage our students unleashing their boundless aspirations and talents as they contribute actively to the community and beyond, whilst staying culturally rooted as Singaporeans.
The duration of the programme is two years. All MLEP students will offer H2 Malay Language & Literature (H2 MLL) at ‘A’ level.

For more information on MLEP, please refer to the following website:

Who We Are

MLEP is taught by the following senior teachers:

Mr Mohamad Ali Hanifiah
Mr Abdul Malek Bin Ahmad