What Our Subject is About

Mathematics contributes to the developments and understanding in many disciplines (e.g. science, engineering, computing, economics and finance, and social sciences). It provides the foundation for many of today’s innovations. It is used extensively to model the real world (e.g. weather, disease outbreak, and population growth), create lifestyle and engineering products (e.g. animated films, mobile games, and telecommunication tools), and make data-driven decision (e.g. business analytics, academic research and market survey). Such applications of mathematics require a good foundation in the discipline and a keen appreciation of its potential.

(extracted from MOE curriculum document)


RI Mathematics Department strives to  

  • Cultivate students’ discipline through learning Mathematics
  • Enhance students’ learning experience and provide them with opportunities to appreciate Mathematics



Mr Thomas Teo (second from left) and Mr Lu Shang-Yi (second from right) attending prize presentation of their ex-students (centre)
who were awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science in 2017.



This is Team Singapore for International Mathematical Olympiad 2020. All students were from the Raffles family. From left:
Tan Wee Kean (20S02A), Ma Zhao Yu (Senior who was in Team Singapore 2016 coming back to help coach juniors), Tan Xu Chen (20S06J),
David Toh Hui Kai (20S06J), Low Choo Ray (21S06C), Hu Xinghui (RGS), Aloysius Ng Yang Yi (20S06J)

What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

For Mathematically inclined students:

  1. RA Mathematics programme: For students who do not want to be bounded by the limitation of university courses due to Further Mathematics subject combinations. (Interested students are required to clear a placement test)
  2. International Mathematical Olympiad: For selected students


    For General student population:

  3. Singapore Mathematical Olympiad: For interested students. Our own Mathematics Club members would conduct training sessions for their peers.
  4. Other Mathematics-related Competitions for the general student population, such as, Singapore Mathematical Society Essay Competition, Fastest Fingers Graphing Calculators competition, etc.

Periodic enrichment talks by our own teachers and university professors.


Who We Are


Amongst our dedicated team of Mathematics teachers with wealth of experience, we have teachers with niche areas:

Mr Thomas Teo and Mr Lu-Shang-Yi – Gurus of Mathematical Olympiad. They had helped coach batches of students representing Singapore at the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad.

We have teachers who dedicated time to learn and write programs and even created apps to improve work processes, and their work were recognized by Ministry of Education.

Mr Chan Jia Le – outstanding innovator award winner for 2018, Innergy award winner (2018 – Silver, 2020 – commendation, 2022 – Gold and Silver)

Ms Mok Hoi Nam – Innergy award winner (2018 – Silver, 2022 – Silver)

Ms Lim San San – Innergy award winner (2018 – Silver)


What Our Students Say

"I enjoyed learning about how to tackle various interesting questions and thinking about it in class."


"I enjoyed doing interesting questions outside tutorials and learning about how certain topics can be applied in the real world."


"It is interesting. My teacher has provided good strategies on how to tackle math questions efficiently and has been very clear in explaining questions, especially more complex ones, which greatly helps in learning."


"Learning to think logically and rationally is one of my biggest takeaways. math is beautiful and i am always fascinated by how elegantly the answer reveals itself, even when at times the beginning portion of the solution makes no sense at all. I love how manipulation in math can be so cleverly done and i think when you know what you are doing, math is therapeutic."


"I like how the tutors are able to explain complicated ideas into simpler ones that i could understand. As math has always been my weaker subjects, how the tutors teach has a large impact on my learning. overall the experience this year had been enjoyable, thank you tutors."