Music Elective Programme

What Our Subject is About

The Aesthetics Department (Y56) offers two programmes, namely the Arts Education Programme@Raffles and the Music Elective Programme (MEP). We believe that arts education promotes cognitive, social and emotional development in a person through engagement in artistic processes such as creating, performing, responding and experiencing. Arts education helps one to understand the role of the arts in defining and shaping a society and through this, our students will be equipped to fulfil their role as future leaders of the global community.

We strive to create a student-centric learning environment and culture that encourages creativity, critical thinking, curiousity and one which develops students’ artistic dispositions. We emphasise real-world applicability as students learn to draw parallels between what is learnt in the classroom and apply the knowledge to real life situations.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities


As we believe that an art education does not exist within the curriculum or classrooms, we aim to provide authentic learning experiences by engaging with the art world.

For art, these consist of examining contemporary artworks through museum and exhibition visits, interviewing stakeholders such as curators, collectors and artists, as well as studio visits. We also organise camps and masterclasses to hone artistic habits and dispositions. 

For music, our students are involved in concerts both as performers and audiences, masterclasses by local and international professional musicians, chamber music making, workshops and learning journeys. As Music Elective Programme (MEP) students, they also take part in inter-school collaborations organized by the Ministry of Education. 

Who We Are


Dr Ruth Rodrigues (ADH/Aesthetics, Music)
Ms Ho Sze-Hwei Grace (Teacher, Music)


What Our Students Say

"The Music Elective Programme has allowed me to gain exposure to varying genres of music, and I became increasingly interested in jazz, world music and contemporary music besides the Western Classical repertoire I was used to playing. Even though Music is an examinable subject, I never viewed it as a subject that caused me stress. In fact, it did just the opposite. MEP was a respite from other academic subjects, and it allowed me to deepen my passion in music as well as think more critically about music. 

Also, the many performance opportunities I had — both solo and ensemble — greatly influenced my progression as a musician. I learned to be more sensitive and aware of others, and I also had the opportunity to learn from renowned professionals, wonderful teachers, as well as my peers, which was a special experience for me that I did not experience much in other subjects. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the close-knit community in the MEP, and I am extremely grateful for the tutelage I received and the lifelong friendships I have forged."
-George Yeo (Music Student, Class of 2019, Music Elective Scholar, MOE Overseas Teaching Award Scholarship recipient) 

"The Music Elective Programme has helped deepen my knowledge and appreciation for music beyond the Western Classical repertory. Through learning about modernist American music, Traditional Malay Dance Music and Chinese Solo Instrumental Music, the course has allowed me to understand music from a broader perspective. 

The MEP also provides multiple opportunities for students to explore different repertoire, attend masterclasses and perform with like-minded peers. Furthermore, music composition workshops conducted by professionals and lecturers across the globe have enabled me to tackle composition with a more creative approach."
- Ziv Ng Tian Fu (Music Student, Class of 2020)