Physical Education

What Our Subject is About

The Raffles Institution Y56 Physical Education Department aims to develop the physical, mental, ethical, social and emotional wellness of our students through physical activity. In essence, we see our job as helping our students sharpen their minds (Head), improve their game-specific skills (Hand) and learning how to work in a team and demonstrate sportsmanship (Heart).

Every day, we actively work towards equipping every student with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle long after they leave the school.

Our Department’s approach to achieving all of the above is through the conduct of safe, fun-filled PE lessons and programmes that cater to varying abilities and interest.

After spending time with us during PE lessons and through the various sports CCAs we manage, our students should have a greater understanding and appreciation of different sports and games and be better equipped to manage the different elements which make up their personal health, physical well-being and functional fitness.




What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

Our Y56 PE Curriculum exposes students to a wide variety of sports and games, as well as various health & fitness modules. In line with increasing students’ choices in their learning, the Department allows students to choose the sport of their choice from a menu of games electives to participate in for a portion of their PE lessons. As part of that menu of electives, the Department also offers Spinning classes & Fit & Fab classes to cater to those who wish to try something less traditionally seen in a PE curriculum.

Every student will also be given the opportunity to undergo a short 2-3 week Elective module conducted by external organisations, with activities ranging from Muay Thai, Kick-boxing, K-POP and Zumba.


PE electives