What Our Subject is About

Physics helps us to understand how the world works. Various physical phenomena and events can be predicted and explained by the laws of Physics. The fundamental theories of Physics form the bedrock of many modern technologies and are responsible for practical applications in different fields of science and technology. 

In our study of Physics, we start off with in depth understanding of the classical world of Newton and his 3 laws, applied in day to day situations before extrapolating them to the effects of gravitational fields on masses. We then delve into the study of waves and oscillations, followed by the very interesting and useful relationship between electricity and magnetism. Finally, we end off with the intriguing world of modern physics, where everything is a matter of chance.

Through our programme, we hope to provide students with an experience that develops their interest in physics, and builds the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for further studies in related fields. We also hope to develop in them the understanding, skills, ethics and attitudes relevant to the Practices of Science including understanding the nature of scientific knowledge, demonstrating science inquiry skills and relating science and society. 

What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

In order to bring Physics to life and spark the joy of learning the subject, we try to bring in relevant learning experiences into the classroom in the form of interesting demonstrations and hands on practical sessions. 

To meet the needs of various groups of students interested in Physics, we offer Physics at the H1, H2 and H3 levels. H1 Physics is a subset of H2 Physics, where the breadth of topics is reduced while the depth of each topic remains unchanged. H3 Physics is an extension of the H2 syllabus and is catered to those who wish to delve deeper into each topic. 

The Physics Raffles Academy programme is programme for selected students where the H2 syllabus is accelerated and more time is spent on tertiary level extensions of each topic. These students typically work towards representing the school for the Physics Olympiads. Year on year, our students have had stellar performances at the SPhO, APhO and IPhO. 

What Our Students Say

“I like that the content of Physics seeks to explain some of the common phenomena that happen in our everyday lives that people usually overlook.”