Project Work

What Our Subject is About

Through Project Work, we hope that students will break away from the compartmentalisation of subject-specific knowledge and skills. In examining a real-world issue, students integrate knowledge from different domains, making interdisciplinary connections that help to deepen their understanding of the issue. In our discussions of various issues of Singapore, we hope to inculcate skills in our students so that they are able to think flexibly and inventively to generate ideas and possibilities for problems without fixed solutions, so as to make a positive difference to society. PW allows students to pursue research in an area that is of interest to them, developing information and digital literacy in the process. It is a subject that will allow students to experiment, innovate and create, nurturing student agency and engendering joy of learning. Through this subject, we hope students will be able to engage relevant stakeholders to enable deeper learning through an authentic learning experience. Crucially, students get to work in groups over a sustained period which allows them to learn more about themselves and others, developing the skills for effective communication and collaboration, and nurturing essential social-emotional competencies; and become more confident and effective communicators as they are required to make a formal oral presentation of their project ideas.



What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

Students will select a topic of their interest and generate ideas that address real-world needs. Project will will develop the necessary skill-sets that will enable students to analyse, evaluate and support ideas taking into consideration real-world needs; and present ideas clearly and coherently in both written and oral forms. 

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Who We Are

The KS Teachers are known to be fun-loving and we take great pride in the subjects that we teach, and that is because these are not just mere subjects to us. We believe that what we teach are important life skills and these subjects reflect important concerns that our society is grappling with. Knowledge of these issues is crucial as students move out into the working world.


Teacher you can speak to:

Mr Adrian Tan ([email protected]) – General Paper and Project Work


What Our Students Say

"Project Work is unlike other academic subjects, in actively encouraging students to work collaboratively rather than competitively. My experience taking PW in RI has allowed me to explore social causes I am deeply interested in through an academic lens, while learning more about myself: what my strengths are, and what I can do to contribute to my team. The insights that I have gained have helped me put theory into action, in initiating community service projects, while supported by the school. PW has been a humbling experience, having taught me the values of empathy, perseverance and trust that I still hold dear to."
- Chew Jay Hong 19A13A


"Studying PW in RI, the pioneer of the subject, we were empowered by the experience of dedicated tutors who encouraged us to delve deep into analysing the social issue of our choice, including interviews with professionals for their expert opinion. This allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the learning process, with the abundant learning support and systematic curriculum allaying our concerns over meeting deliverables."
- Fu Xianli 19S03O