Business Leaders Programme

What Our Subject is About

The Business Leaders Programmes prepares students with foundational skills to become a leader in business in the future. From the programme, you will:


  • Develop an awareness of the business landscape in Singapore today, both locally and globally;
  • Understand the wide range of businesses and their progression, from start-ups to local SMEs to global MNCs, and the key challenges faced; and
  • Be introduced to business leaders and civil servants who work in the related fields to share their experiences.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

The BLP experience includes:

  • Learning journeys to local businesses of varying sizes, government organisations or statutory boards
  • Case study seminars
  • Participating in business-related competitions, e.g. presenting business case or plan
  • Implementing a school / community project


What Our Students Say

Feedback for speaker session with Mr Allan Teng (Workato):

  • I enjoyed the interactive conversation between speakers and us, which gave us many ideas about startup companies
  • Mr Teng was very engaging and articulate and he shared a lot of very raw personal insight, opinions and anecdotes on his tough journey which would be difficult to find online.
  • The speaker helped to clearly answer questions from our perspective (eg what kind of companies should we aim for when applying for internships and the reasons why start-up companies offer more learning experiences as compared to large scale corporations) & how to identify if one should pursue and develop their idea or if they should recognise it as a failure and take a break from it.


Feedback for speaker session with Ms Phua Huijia (Skillseed)

  • I learnt that if we are willing to take a chance, sometimes it is possible to achieve the things we want that we thought would be impossible.
  • I learnt that youths around the world are mostly very passionate about the same things, because I would expect that youths in Singapore would have very different priorities compared to those form other countries
  • Ms Phua was highly engaging and shared many inspiring stories of her experiences which nurtured her to start Skillseed.