Community Education

What Our Subject is About

Students need to engage in significant work that is relevant to real life issues and can improve the lives of those in their community. While meeting the needs of the community, students discover skills and strengths which will endure through life. In Raffles Institution, we mentor the passionate and enthuse all to serve. 


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

For students who are keen to initiate community service projects, teacher mentors guide them based on principles of service learning. Examples of such projects include organising events for the elderly, tutoring children and advocating for social issues. While doing so, student leaders learn to assess the needs of those whom they serve and, communicate and liaise effectively with stakeholders. Students also source for their own projects and opportunities with registered voluntary welfare organisations, or sign up for different opportunities publicised to them on various platforms.


p27_11012020 TPY Silver Resident CNY Get Together-118

Group photo taken after a Chinese New Year lunch organised for the elderly residents
living in Toa Payoh, helmed by student leaders of CE01 (Student-Initiated) Project Honey and Bread. 


What Our Students Say

“Although I may not be making a major impact on the world, I do know that I can impact the lives of a few individuals through my actions of serving the community, and it is equally important. The power to positively influence another’s life is invaluable, and it is a major component of my personal ethos.”
- Year 6 student, 2019



“Talking to people about their problems made me better understand different perspectives as well, broadening my worldview and making me more aware of issues in my community. I now hope to be able to play an active part in my community and actively help fellow Singaporeans in need, as part of my duty to this nation-state.”
- Year 6 student, 2019 


Raffles Press 2021 article: 
The article below is by Raffles Press, the student journalism CCA of RI Years 5-6