EWBIS Research Programme

What Our Subject is About

The E W Barker Institute of Sports (EWBIS) Science Research Programme aims to provide a novel and authentic platform to inspire students to develop an interest in Sports Science and Research.

This programme hopes to develop students’ interest in sports science, sports medicine, sports journalism, sports legal issues, talent management and sports management and administration with the support of our partners such as organizations in the field of sports science research, sports science labs and sports internships. This will provide the catalyst for the development of sports in Singapore to achieve success in the international level and will also provide a platform to nurture future leaders in the field of sports.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

The programme includes lessons on various topics in the area of sports science as well as a research component. Students in the programme will have a chance to visit and attend lessons at the various sports organisations in Singapore. There will be presentations by students in this programme during their 2nd year to share the findings of their research.  In previous years, students were also able to visit countries like Australia, Spain, China and New Zealand to learn about the sporting culture, attend lessons at the universities and to interact with students overseas.


What Our Students Say

"Being a part of EWBIS was one of the best parts of my JC life. Through my time in EWBIS, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work on sports-related projects with other students with a similar love for sports and been able to dig deeper into sports research. It gave me an opportunity to explore a subject that I was interested in which was a well-needed break from the brain-straining chemistry and math that I had to study every day."


"Being a part of EWBIS is equal to a lifetime membership with the best and most amazing group of friends and teachers possible! Even though MEP is officially a 1 year commitment, I still keep in touch with many of my EWBIS friends and teachers up to this day!"