Governance and Civic Engagement

What Our Subject is About

This programme aims to nurture active and socially responsible citizens by equipping them with relevant knowledge and critical skills so that they can participate and contribute to society effectively. Through weekly sessions in terms 2 and 3, participants discuss and debate issues related to citizenship, society, government and politics.  

The programme also comprises an attachment to a Member of Parliament during his/her Meet-the-People Session, an important link between the government and the people. This helps to instil greater civic consciousness as participants become more aware of the problems and issues faced by ordinary Singaporeans.  

The enrichment lessons will incorporate local fieldtrips to provide experiential learning, feature in-house and external guest speakers. This will help to deepen the discussion of complex issues explored in GCEP lessons.

Lastly, the programme will conclude with a year-end overseas trip for a comparative study of different systems.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

Each lesson is typically anchored by a theme or concept and is generally conducted as an ongoing discussion. Students are strongly encouraged to have open and frank conversations, sharing their thoughts and opinions in an open and safe environment. Students are thought to build on, extend and challenge each other’s ideas in a collaborative and engaging manner.

The lessons are enriching, conceptually rich and challenges conventional or accepted ways of thinking about issues relating to citizenship, society, government and politics. The role of the teachers cannot be understated as they help to facilitate the students to consider and reconsider issues in a critical, yet balanced manner.

The MPS volunteer sessions help awaken civic consciousness in the students as they are exposed to Singaporeans from all walks of life. This plays a huge part in developing emotional maturity and humility in all GCEP students.

Lastly, the overseas trip serves to reinforce, challenge, and consolidate the learning that GCEP students have throughout the year. Students are exposed to speakers at governmental levels as well as at bottom up level of civic society, providing a more holistic picture. Lessons and discussions are also conducted overseas to provide an opportunity for GCEP students to makes sense of what they encounter during the trip.



GCEP students in South Korea, trying out Hanbok outfits in Jeonju Hanok Village.

What Our Students Say

Governance and Civic Engagement Programme, or GCEP for short, is a highly rigorous and intellectual stimulating MEP that enables students to understand various systems of governance, and investigate social issues related to culture, national identity, history, and narrative. 

If you are someone whose doubts linger upon exposure to a social issue, who enjoys asking questions about the status quo, and who hopes to refine your opinions through discussions and mutual critique, then GCEP is undoubtedly for you!

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