International Service Learning and Leadership Elective

What Our Subject is About

Raffles Leadership Institute’s (RLI) Philosophy

Our approach to leadership development is guided by the following principles:

  • Leadership is a critical educational outcome that has to be purposefully and intentionally developed.
  • All students have the potential to be developed into leaders.
  • Students have to be active practitioners of leadership and not just passive learners.
  • Learning to be leaders is a long-term, developmental process.
  • The overarching purpose of leadership development is to equip students to contribute effectively and responsibly to society.


Our Pedagogical Approach

The RLI engages learners through real-world experiential learning. Through both direct and indirect experience of authentic situations, staff and students engage with the community and the environment to create meaningful learning opportunities.

We seek to build an environment of mutual respect that fosters personal relationships conducive to growth and leadership development, with staff and students alternating between the roles of those teaching and the taught.


Mission & Vision

The mission of RLI is to develop young people to be effective leaders of character, equipped with personal mastery and inter-personal skills, and anchored with a strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to service for the public good. 

The over-arching objective is to nurture future leaders for Singapore, imbued with the Rafflesian values of fortitude, integrity, respect and enterprise, and committed to using their talents for service to nation and community.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities


International Service-Learning and leadership Elective (ISLE) is a programme that aims to develop young people to be effective leaders of character with relevant skills to be community leaders and competent global citizens who are confident and sensitive in their interactions with different cultures. It prepares youth for a deeper engagement with local communities in Singapore and overseas communities in the ASEAN region. ISLE is a learning journey that involves critical reflection of local and regional issues, with participants looking at topics such as community engagement, cultural diversity and active citizenry.

This process aims to help students to become better leaders through developing empathy and understanding of others so as to better contribute to communities. We hope to strengthen our students’ sense of social responsibility and commitment to service for the public good.

The learning gained will in turn enhance the students’ ability to design, develop and manage effective and meaningful service-learning projects for the communities around them.




ISLE 2019: ISLE students teaching English to students in Batam



ISLE 2019: Building basins for the school in Batam for hand washing. ISLE students are layering the concrete after fixing the basin.



ISLE 2019: ISLE students involving Batam students to help them with connecting of water pipes.



ISLE 2020: Community Mapping for Children with Dyslexia
Students researched and compiled community resources in Bishan-Toa Payoh for Children with Dyslexia  

What Our Students Say

"Personally, my experience in ISLE was one of the most incredible and unique experiences in my life. It was eye-opening, enriching, fulfilling and meaningful, and it was both a learning process - where I truly discovered much about myself and others - and also a place that enabled me to forge so many amazing close friendships that I will truly treasure beyond ISLE. I am immensely grateful for the many opportunities ISLE has given me, and I have really learnt much and gained countless meaningful takeaways from this experience. ISLE has really inspired me to be a better person and also continue striving to make a positive impact in the world." 
- Caitlin Por, 2019

"I feel that we learn new concepts every new session. It helped me learn different things we need to take note of when doing service. I can really feel the great effort teachers placed to help us understand better and teach us what true and correct service is." 
- Cheng Lin, 2020